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Two new videos on Cancer statistics from GAPMINDERS

8 May, 2009 · Inga kommentarer

Från Hans Roslings nyhetsbrev om GAPMINDER hämtar jag nedanstående:

Two new videos on Cancer statistics

Cervical cancer and Breast cancer are two of the most common types of cancer among women. On a global level they show different patterns: Breast cancer increases when countries get richer, whereas Cervical cancer decreases.

On Gapminder’s website, there are two new videos with Hans Rosling giving an overview of cancer data from a global perspective:









See Cancer statistics in Gapminder World

We have added data for seven different forms of cancer in Gapminder World. Go to Gapminder Worldand you will find the cancer data in the axis-menu under ”Health”.

The data is the best available estimate, compiled by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, a part of the World Health Organization.

Direct links to Cancer in Gapminder World:
Breast cancer | Cervical cancer | Lung cancer | Colon cancer
Prostate cancer | Liver  cancer | Stomach cancer



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